Snack Attack began in 2007 when I told my (then) editor at (then) West Side Spirit that I kept a running list of snacks in my head, snacks that met a trifecta of standards for me: savory, filling, inexpensive. I was also realizing that the food memories that sustained me most were those unexpected and cheap burst of flavors. A perfect French fry at a Belgian frite côte, the first time I had inari sushi at the now defunct Obento Delight, and what I still consider the most perfect snack item of all time, the pretzel croissant at City Bakery. The editor suggested I take on a weekly column, writing about one snack in 200 words. It was an inspired idea, and I had loads of fun—and some gastric distress--writing the column until 2011, when the paper was sold.

In the meantime a foodie revolution took hold, and so I ask myself, as I come back to writing about food, "Is nycsnackattack.com even relevant in a crowded market? Am I saying something new? Something different?" A veteran of book publishing, I long ago learned the truth of the cliché, there is nothing new under the sun. Yet, I also know that every person's vantage point is truly unique. I still think deeply about what makes a perfect snack, and as I discover new tastes and snack venues. I also inevitably ruminate on things going on in my life or reflect on the past. Without a 200 word limit, I can both dine in New York City and let my thoughts rove as they please. I hope you will enjoy roving with me.--Nancy J. Brandwein